General Practice of the Future

General Practice of the Future
Alexandra Eavis
Alexandra Eavis
February 27th 2018

Patient Knows Best

We are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Patient Knows Best (PKB) to provide a virtual shared medical record for patients with diabetes in Bury. The project will enable relevant data to be shared between different members of a multidisciplinary team, with patient consent and data transfer events between records securely logged using blockchain technology.

How will the project work?

Blockchain technology will be used to interact seamlessly with existing medical records systems in order to provide an auditable and secure ledger of medical data interactions. This means that patients benefit from the digital record provided to them via PKB, with the ability to manage their care from home using blood glucose, blood pressure and weight monitoring smart devices. Interacting with professionals remotely and sharing care plans with other local professionals will be one of the key advantages for patients. GP practice software INPS Vision and PKB will need to be integrated, allowing general practice professionals the ability to share data securely with their patients.

Dovetail’s CEO, Alexandra Eavis said: “We want to give patients control of their medical data and help them manage their conditions better so they have better health outcomes. We are using cutting-edge distributed ledger technology to make record sharing transparent and gather explicit patient consent. This gives patients and practitioners the comfort that sensitive data is shared securely and on a need-to-know basis.”


From being part of a shortlist of 22 companies that received six months’ feasibility funding in April 2017, we became one of the 10 selected companies to receive funding from NHS England through the General Practice of the Future SBRI funding completion. This displayed that Dovetail was able to demonstrate best value to patients and the health service.

Who does the project benefit?

Diabetic patients will be able to use internet-enabled, home smart health monitoring devices to send important data securely to their healthcare professionals. This enables health care professionals to pick up changes in condition more quickly as patient conditions are being monitored on a more regular basis. Ultimately this allows the improved care of diabetic patients.

Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, CEO of Patients Know Best said: “This is another example of PKB’s patient-controlled approach integrating well with other systems. We are proud to work with Dovetail Digital’s pioneering blockchain technology to show patients their data from INPS Vision GP systems, and to make home recorded glucose measurements and medical information available from patient to GP.”